Venezuelan Mail Order Brides


Every day hundreds and thousands of men want to find their perfect match through the online dating sites. And this is not surprising, because acquaintances through special services are sometimes very successful and lead a person to their destiny. It is also the easiest way for those who cannot find love offline or who just want to meet single woman from another country via international dating sites. 

Sometimes long-term relationships with girls from other countries can be difficult due to ignorance of their traditions, mentality and general outlook. What about women from Venezuela? They say their luxury and beauty are recognized all over the world. Therefore, many men do not dare to meet a lady from this country: they are afraid to make a mistake and lose their happiness. In this article you are able to find out the answers to all his questions, as well as gain new knowledge that will help him get to know a Venezuelan woman. 

Why do men love Venezuelan women?

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The very first and most important question: what is the difference between Latinas and women from all other nationalities? After all, when a man meets a girl from another country, he thinks that such a woman can give him in life, and also whether they will have family well-being. 

Venezuelan brides Characteristics

Conventionally, girls from Venezuela can be divided into two categories: urban and living in the suburbs and villages. First, about those ladies who live in big cities. The first thing that distinguishes Venezuelan women from all others is the desire to always be beautiful. It is these girls that cannot be compared with anyone, because they love to look great. 

A person will never be able to see a lady without makeup on the streets of Venezuela, even when going to a regular store. Venezuelan women are chasing a sexy body, and large buttocks and a thin waist are considered the most beautiful figure. Unfortunately, many girls who are clouded by the desire to look like a queen resort to plastic surgery. The reason is that Venezuela ranks first in the world in terms of the number of plastic surgeries and purchases of clothes. Rhinoplasty and breast augmentation are very popular gifts for such girls for 16 and 18 years old. 

There are also women who advocate naturalness, but also follow the figure. Therefore, next to such a beauty, a man will definitely feel confident! The second thing that makes Venezuelans different from other nationalities is the wide popularity of beauty contests among them. No country can match Venezuela in terms of the number of competitions held. 

All girls, starting from a young age, dream of becoming a queen at such an event. It is not uncommon to see young ladies wearing them, even 15-year-old. These ladies adore luxury, wealth and a good life, so you should be ready to spend money on it. Venezuelan women have always believed that beauty requires sacrifice. They also work hard, but spend a lot of money to look great at all times. 

Now let’s talk about the girls living in the suburbs, villages and small towns: their life is fundamentally different from the women described above. They work very hard, but they do it only in order to feed their family. And although both men and women are equal by law, a patriarchal society still dominates, so in most cases women take on the provision of domestic services, for example, cleaning someone’s apartment. 

Many women from the suburbs also dream of getting to beauty contests, but it is much harder for them because of the lack of money for beautiful clothes and plastic surgery. Venezuelan women are similar to American women in that they try to build good careers, sometimes seeking even more men. But they have children early, usually at the age of 20 a woman already has a child (but not all of them). 

Advantages of Venezuelan ladies

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There are many advantages of dating Venezuelan women. They value family and children, so it will be pleasant to live with them. They know how to create home comfort so that a man always wants to return home. Family life with such ladies will be calm and loving. Moreover, Venezuelan wives are sociable and friendly. When meeting girlfriends or men, they always kiss them on the right cheek, rejoice at the meeting and strike up a long conversation. 

In addition, Venezuelans are very clean and love to clean the house, which is very good. As for their appearance: Venezuelans not only try to have a good figure, but also choose feminine clothes. It turns out a beautiful figure, a neat appearance and a pleasant character. Isn’t that a wonderful wife? 

How to impress a girl from Venezuela?

Venezuelan women are very gentle and vulnerable, so you should try to be attentive to them. The Venezuelan lady should not be neglected, they do not like to be ignored, underestimated or offended. It is imperative to talk about how hot his girlfriend is, as they always try to look stunning, as mentioned above. 

If you meet online, do not forget to write regularly to your chosen one, talk on a video call, watch movies etc. These girls will appreciate a man who shows attention to her and is interested in her life. Also, do not rush things. If communication with a Venezuelan girl began recently, then most likely she will want to first know everything about the man. Following the tips below, a foreigner can conquer any Venezuelan woman. 

How to drag their attention?

When dating on a dating service or dating app, try to surprise a woman with an unusual message. For example, talk about what interests you about her appearance. Every day of regular communication will bring a lot of knowledge about each other, and the Venezuelan woman, like the man, will begin to get used to each other. At this stage, the main thing is to show that the man is serious and decisive in relation to the girl. 

In order to definitely interest a Venezuelan wife a man should show that he is ready to spend money on her, as they appreciate it. Regular gifts will create a pleasant feeling for the girl, so don’t forget about that. It is worth showing with all kinds that a man is going to appreciate a girl for who she is — and her heart will melt! 

A piece of advice: Read some dating site reviews before you start matching. 

Why do they want to marry a foreigner and go to mail order brides?

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Many ladies dream about marrying an American and having a child. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, at the moment in Venezuela there is a poor country with high prices, low wages and the absence of the most important goods for a normal life. 

Therefore, so many women dream of marriage in Venezuela with a foreigner and having a better life, since America is much more developed economically. But this desire is manifested not only in money, but also in love for the American nationality. Many beauties from that country are reluctant to marry their fellow countrymen just because they find them less attractive. 

A lot of films, TV series and shows with the participation of American stars win the hearts of these women and make them think that life in America is much easier, and the men there are very beautiful. Another reason why Venezuelans dream of leaving their country and marrying a foreigner is the danger. That is why they go to Venezuelan mail order brides. 

Local people love the United States and American men, so you can just make a dream come true. 

What to present to a Venezuelan girl?

Gifts can be a good way to bring people closer and also to please your girlfriend. Since Venezuelan women love to look after their appearance, high-quality clothes, which are not so abundant in Venezuela and are very expensive, can serve as an excellent gift. Various jewelry, for example, a chain with a pendant, can serve as a good present. A safe bet is a huge bouquet of flowers with sweets. 

If a man is serious and wants to really surprise his chosen one, he can take her to his America. Isn’t it a wonderful gift to see you live and strengthen your serious relationship? 


What do Venezuelan women wear?

In ordinary life women wear jeans and T-shirts, but they always try to style their hair and put on makeup. If they dress up for a first date or go to the club for the weekend, they always wear a nice dress and heels. 

How tall is the average Venezuelan woman?

Each person is different, so each woman may have a different height. But on average, girls are between 1.60 and 1.75 m tall. There are almost no women in Venezuela who are shorter. 

What do Venezuelan women like in their men?

Like any girl, a Latin wife will love the man who takes care of her and says that she is the best in the world. You just need to be gentle, affectionate and respect the feelings of your woman.

What are Venezuelan women like?

Venezuelan ladies are very similar to Russian women in terms of their desire to always be irresistible. And they are a bit like American girls, because they always strive to earn money, provide for themselves and build a career.