Filipino Mail Order Brides

Many men want to marry a girl from another country. And one of the possible countries where you can find girls is the Philippines. Today we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of girls from this country, and what you need to know about dating Filipino women and serious long-term relationships with them.

About the Philippines

Sexy FilipinaTechnically, the Philippines belongs to the countries of Asia, but in fact it is an island state, consisting of more than seven thousand islands. The Philippines has no land borders, so a unique culture developed there.

The main islands are Visayan, Mindanao and Luzon with the capital Manila. The population of the country is over 100 million people. It is one of the largest countries in the world and the third largest English-speaking country after the USA and India.

Yes, English is one of the two official languages ​​there, and the dominant one. Most of the population speaks it, and less than 25% know Filipino. This is a big plus because it will be easy for you to communicate with a Filipino wife. Unlike girls from China, Japan and other Asian countries, she doesn’t have to be taught English.

Another thing that connects the United States and the Philippines is religion. About 90% of the locals are Catholic. Less than 10% of the percent are of other religions.

But there is also one complication. The difference in time zones is 12-14 hours. So, it will be quite difficult for you to find a convenient time to chat. However, this problem is ubiquitous in Internet dating. When dating a lady from Europe and East Asia, you will encounter the same thing.

Characteristics Of Filipina Brides

The Filipino mentality will differ depending on where a person live. Thus, residents of large cities are more nervous, depressed and aggressive due to poor living conditions. Traffic jams, slums, homeless people are all the daily reality of people in Manila and Davao. Those who live in small towns are more friendly and calm. Women are no exception.Filipino Bride

There is also one thing in common. For all Filipinos, family is the most important value. They grow up in large families and continue to maintain close bonds throughout their lives. Often, girls give birth to 4-5 children. This trait leads to the fact that they rarely move to another city or to another country. Filipinos, far from home, feel homesick. Therefore, if you want to marry a local girl, be prepared that she will be constantly in touch with her relatives.

Girls in this country give birth at an early age. If a bride at 22 does not yet have children, it is considered strange.

When it comes to work, Filipino girls (and men too) are not very enthusiastic about it. Career and money are not important values ​​for them. “It’s impossible to make all the money in the world,” they think. To some extent, they can be called irresponsible. If a person has no desire to work, he will do his job badly or not at all. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the Philippines is a poor country, where about a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line.

People in the Philippines, like some other East Asian countries, adhere to a strict hierarchy. They sense the boundaries between social groups. The subordinate will almost never develop friendly relations with the boss. A guy from a wealthy family doesn’t want to date a poor girl. Etc. This is especially true for urban dwellers where social stratification is more pronounced.

There are some things which may surprise you. For example, people say very long AAA sound and don’t use a knife while eating — they use a fork and a spoon at the same time.

Hot FilipinaFilipino girls are very fond of white men. People from other countries rarely come there, and men from Europe and America are even less likely. Therefore, many girls will strive to get to know such a man themselves. For them, this is a reason for pride. Dating sites make it difficult because there are many other men out there. But you still have a big advantage, and getting to know a girl will not be difficult for you. Let’s talk more about how to do this.

Rules For Dating Asian Women

First of all, let’s define how you are going to find a Asian wife. You can come to the Philippines, or register on a dating service or a dating app and meet online. In the first case, you will spend more money and time, you will almost certainly meet single woman, but there is no guarantee that one of them will want to leave with you. In the second case, you risk nothing.

Chatting with a girl on an international dating site, you already know about her intentions. The girl would not correspond with an American on an online dating site if she did not want to marry him.

To successfully meet a girl, you need to:

  1. Read dating site reviews and register on the best website.
  2. Fill in the profile in detail and upload five to seven good photos
  3. Start chatting with at least 10-20 girls to increase your chances to find love (your perfect match).
  4. Communication with some of them will cease, and with some long correspondence will start.
  5. You can send the girl a gift if you like. This can be a mail order or a local delivery service. You can pay for the delivery of food or flowers.
  6. Have a casual chat, chat on WhatsApp and Skype, and more.

Filipina BrideAfter one and a half to two months, you can think about a real first date. It is unreasonable to offer an appointment earlier, because only a madman or a fraudster will agree. You shouldn’t put it off too long either, because the girl may doubt your intentions and lose interest. In addition, she can correspond with other guys, one of whom will invite her before you.

You probably want to meet in the United States, not the Philippines. In this case, buy the girl a plane ticket. You should schedule your appointment in advance, as visa processing will take time. The people of the Philippines cannot just come to America whenever they want.

Spend at least 5-7 days together. It will be ideal if this is your vacation. Inviting a woman to the holidays is not the best idea. Most likely, she will want to spend them with her family.

Further, it all depends on whether you find a common language. If you feel good together, plan your wedding. Under international law, there are no restrictions on marriage between a US citizen and a Philippine citizen. You will need to collect a number of documents and apply for a K-1 bride visa. It is neither fast nor easy, but also not very difficult.

That’s all. There are no strict rules in love. Do everything as you see right — and you will definitely meet your ideal Filipina wife.

Appearance Of Filipina Women

Philippines BrideVarious peoples and tribes live in the country of seven thousand islands. It is difficult to identify a specific type. Even skin color can be completely different: from slightly swarthy to dark. The average height of Filipinos is very low. The Philippines is in the top 5 countries with the lowest growth. Men here are on average 165 centimeters tall, while girls are about 150-155 centimeters high. Yes, they are well below the average American woman. One of the reasons is poor nutrition. Those girls who grew up in wealthy families are usually taller than their peers.

The girls there are confident in themselves and do not worry about their appearance. Hot, sexy and beautiful Philippines ladies have won Miss Universe five times.

Why Do Girls Go As Filipino Mail Order Brides?

Many Filipinos do not like to leave their city, but at the same time, a huge number of girls dream of going abroad and marrying a foreigner. Sounds like a paradox. Why is this happening? There are several reasons for this.

Poverty. A huge percentage of the population lives below the poverty line. And even those with good incomes often do not want to live in a poor country. The Philippines is a corrupt country with a low standard of living, so many want to leave.

Rejection of local traditions. As mentioned above, girls in the Philippines get married early and give birth to many children. Some brides do not want this, and tend to leave for a country where they will not feel pressured.

Love for American men. The third reason is that local women are crazy about men of European appearance. They find them more attractive. Finding a white boyfriend for them is how to hit the jackpot.


How much does it cost to marry a Filipina?

Aside from the cost of the marriage in the Philippines or in the United States, it’s not expensive. Visa processing, immigration fees and ticket purchases will cost you $2000-4000. The biggest waste is airline tickets.

Why do foreigners marry Filipina?

Girls from this country are very good for starting a family. It is not for nothing that the Filipinos are considered the best nannies in the world.

What to expect from Filipino brides?

There are several cultural characteristics that will surprise you. They have already been described in this article.

Do Filipinas like foreigners?

Yes, they love foreigners. Girls are especially fond of men from Europe and the USA.

That’s all you need to know. Register on a dating site and start your search for an Asian bride. Good luck!