Czech Mail Order Brides


The combination of Slavic beauty and European restraint – what are Czech ladies like in real life? Czech girls relate to Slavic origin. They are known for their Slavic beauty, which is confirmed by the success of internationally renowned Czech supermodels. But apart from applauses and compliments Czechs also experience the other Slavic stereotypes. People patronizingly call them «obedient housewives» with outdated attitude to career, motherhood and home, and fault them for excessive love for fashionable clothing, make-up and high heels.
Czech ladies don’t waste their time trying to debunk a myth. They simply pay no attention to these gossips and let evil tongues visit the country and make own conclusions. Their strategy appears to be rather successful. The number of marriages with Western guys increases, and foreign husbands on the dating service sites discuss the major «accessory» of local females, which is not their beauty but modesty.

Czech Girls’ Benefits

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  1. These females are not afraid to have long-term relationships with younger boyfriends.
    In this country dating a younger boyfriend is commonplace. Age difference is not recognized as mésalliance, and no one judges girlfriends with younger boyfriends.
  2. They support body-positive movement. They like sports: fitness centers in this country are never empty, discounts on sporting goods attract hundreds of buyers and the streets are crowded with females, who go out for a jog in any weather conditions. It’s interesting, however, that they choose sports not simply because they are dreaming about perfect body shape, but for general health and psychological balance.
  3. They successfully experiment with clothes. They say, Slavic wives buy lots of stuff that they didn’t have an opportunity to purchase years ago. Some are certain that local females dislike fashion because they prefer comfort – and wear summer dresses with running shoes and huge sacks. The truth is somewhere in between: girls rarely choose comfort over fashion. Yet, they are not afraid to combine styles, know how to dress-up, when necessary, and are not chasing after the luxury brands.
  4. They aren’t afraid of household chores. A Czech girl can spend the entire day off washing and ironing the laundry, even when she is living alone. She does it just for herself. So, in comparison to brides from other countries, especially Germany, Austria and the USA, local fiancées may seem more house-proud.
  5. They stick to healthy diets. In comparison to Russia, the USA and other European Countries, women in Czech Republic have different eating habits. For most ladies in the USA and Russia dinner is the main meal, because they don’t have much time for substantial breakfast or lunch. Western people find it easy to order the most nourishing food in the evening because they are obviously hungry after a long day at work. In this country the main meal is lunch. It may be ordered at a café or prepared at home and packed in the lunch-box. Light meal at the end of the day is another reason why most ladies are so slim. Man dating Czech woman should keep that in mind.

The Typical Traits of Czech Women

Consistent with the dating app, Czech Republic is known for the most stunning females among European states. They are really sweet and similar to all people of Slavic origin. Like every human being they think about their home, family, job, education, career, and children. Local ladies are hard-working. Most wives are employed and don’t leave their job after marriage in Czech Republic.
Females like to dress casually. This is their major difference from many other Slavic nations. Local damsels don’t like high heels, because consider them generally unhealthy. Besides, it’s extremely hard to walk on cobble-stone pavement in high heels. They prefer jeans and shorts rather than dresses and skirts. They don’t forget to draw attention to their individuality, however. To this end females use scarves and modest fashion jewelry. The finished look is accomplished by topknot and minimum make-up. It is worth mentioning that local girls, who are mostly indifferent to luxury brands, tend to original perfumes.
Healthy lifestyle is very popular among damsels. Most of them stick to vegetarian diets, other healthy diets and attend fitness centers. Every neighborhood has its park, which is particularly meant for sport. That is a perfect place to meet single woman.

What’s So Special About Czech Brides That Attracts Foreign Men?

Katya BrideCzech ladies are polite, yet sincere. This character feature is highly appreciated by American men because Americans smile more than any other country’s citizens, which may be not very useful when dealing with serious issues. In comparison to American girls Czech ladies may seem cold, yet, according to dating site reviews foreigners understand that they are not shallow and far more professional, because refusal to actively demonstrate friendliness helps them better deal with conflicts. In this relation they are closer to other Slavic girls. At the same time, in comparison to Russian girls they seem to be more polite.
Czech women are quite laconic and concise. Many Americans pay attention to the fact that Czech ladies are calm, serious and self-sufficient. There are not many girls among them who like to spend hours talking to their friends about trivial matters.
They know how to enjoy their lives. In any country people can suffer from rapid mood swings or feel melancholic because of the weather or fatigue. Czech Republic is not an exception.
Whatever happens, however, local damsels never forget to say hello to their neighbor or teller at the bank. They like travelling and sipping wine at the café, as well as spending time with their kids and dogs. In the evening they seem tired, yet calm and satisfied, because the working day is over and they can relax and not to worry about a hundred of other issues, many of which may have not even happened yet. They try to find love online and don’t waste any opportunity for happiness. Local females are not afraid to look for something they truly need and make their own choices, without any feel of guilt or shame.

How to Catch the Interest of Czech Mail Order Bride?

Tanya BrideEuropean wife is not easy to get. While American brides binge-read the books like «Why men love nasty women: how to become a girlfriend of his dreams» and Russians attend seminars like «How to become a millionaire’s wife» Czech women already know how to drive men crazy. Foreigners at times affectionately call Czech girls «Snow Queens» but they are not complaining. On the contrary, they seek for their attention by any means.
Czech females have inherited amazing mixture of family values, solid position on the labor market, sense of self-worth and independence. So, self-reliant lady don’t feel the need to hunt men. Just the other way around: a man willing to date such an exceptional girl has to get creative in order to earn her attention. Luckily, Internet Dating helps men attract girl’s attention using contemporary means of communication.

Czech women are independent and share the same rights as men do. Equality of rights is evidenced by the fact that one should shake men’s and women’s hand, and after shared dinner at the restaurant men and women split bills. Czech females work a lot and have really short maternity leave.
So, in order to win women’s trust American men should treat them with respect and see them as equals. Compliments, flowers and small gestures are welcome, but men should not go over the top. When people meet online, compliments, poems and cards will stand man in good stead.

What Presents Are Known To Be Appropriate?

Czech lady will, probably, refuse to accept expensive present from her new acquaintance, especially on the first date. However, there is a list of small gestures that will be praised by a girl. A foreigner may try to smile to his date, hold the door for her, send flowers, write a romantic note, and send a card.

Why Slavic Women Are Willing to Marry a Foreigner?

International dating is becoming increasingly popular in the country. In the beginning of this century the number of international marriages was high but lately it has drastically increased. Females mostly start families with German, British and American men. Apart from romantic side there is an economical aspect in marriage. Years ago thanks to marriage with guys from other states Czech girls tried to break away from social realm. This tendency preserves today. According to the specialists from online dating site, the number of international marriages will carry on increasing. These days country already welcomes the largest number of Western men in the modern history. Foreign men feel comfortable in the country because they meet a European wife with the Eastern appearance and Western character traits.


What Does a Typical Czech Woman Look Like?

Czech wives have appearance combining German longer and sharper facial features with Slavic cuteness. Their natural hair color is dark blond. But at times people can meet brunettes, who may have Gypsy background. Obviously, these days many girls change their color to light blond and dark brown.

Are Czech Women Different from Russian Women?

Local fiancées have Slavic background, but their mindset is drastically different from Russian mindset. They are far more self-sufficient and independent when compared to Russian brides.

Are Czech Women Loyal?

Czechwife is quite frank and open when it comes to relations. Local brides don’t demonstrate any prudery or hidden game. They are sincere and loyal to their boyfriends and husbands.

Why Do Czech Wives Become Mail Order Brides?

Czech mail order brides bear many resemblances to emancipated women from other Western countries, so it’s quite natural for them to consider marriage with a foreigner. Americans learn gender equality at their mother’s knees, so a Western husband can be a perfect match for Czech wife.