Polish Mail Order Brides


Since the earliest times, Poland has been renowned for the beauty and kindness of its girls, one of whom stolen a way to Napoleon’s heart. For years local ladies were the icons of style and elegance. But what can be said about contemporary «pani»? 

What Do Polish Brides Look Like?

Polish girls

Eastern European women accept their natural beauty and learn how to cherish and maintain it. The most astonishing feature of local females, however, is their ability to present themselves. Foreigners always mention their confident bearing. Several years ago one could hear a phrase: «A boundary between Russia and Poland can be seen in the difference in female posture ». 

Slavic females are really self-confident, and 81% of them consider themselves attractive, which is not far from the truth, actually. Probably, this confidence takes roots in images of their golden-haired great-grandmothers, easily alluring powerful kings and emperors. Today, however, according to the dating site reviews, they prefer to search for their soulmates online.  

Females of all ages like to take great care of their appearance. SPA salon treatments at least once in a month. Manicure-pedicure is a typical daily procedure. Nail-art is not widely-spread. Usually nail color matches basic colors of clothes, which enables girls to appear fresh and sophisticated. Slavic fair sex sticks to the major hairstyle trends, namely natural appearance and forms.  

Many Polish mail order brides dress with taste giving preference to comfortable fashionable clothes. Younger girls prefer casual and sport fashion. Elder matrons combine clothes with taste. High heels are popular, but they need to be appropriate.  

The Major Benefits of Slavic Women

Slavic people are very hard-working. This trait has been formally confirmed. Consistent with the European Commission report, people in Poland are ranked in second place among the most hard-working nations in the world. Professionally active citizens are working 42.5 hours a week. Funny saying, reflecting this typical national trait, states «no work, no pie». 


There is another saying: «guest in a house, God in a house». Hospitality plays a key part in Eastern European culture. Hosts love to have guests and serve delicious home-made dishes. Hospitality reaches its culmination on Christmas and Easter, when relatives and friends gather at the festive table.  

What Can Polish Mail Order Bride Serve?

Polish women

Every girl in Poland will be able to serve her boyfriend delicious home-made sausages. These may be recognized as the national treasure, and young girls learn how to cook them at their mother’s breast. Also, Slavic wife will easily serve her husband other Polish specialties – Bigos, Warsaw-style flaczki and Zhurek. In hot days ladies cook cold soups with strawberry, sweet cherry, apples, pears and wild berries. In the fall people prefer soups with cucumbers and mushrooms. On the first date Polish girls serve warm or cold charlotte with whipped cream, as well as other types of pastry of great quality and taste.  

Outdoor Activities

Apart from International dating there are many places where men can meet single woman and to find his perfect match. Polish girls value outdoor activities. Beach holiday is great as long as people swim and play volleyball or water polo a lot, rather than lying on the beach. Women spend their spare time enjoying ski, mountain climbing, hiking, horse riding, golf, water and extreme sports, as well as sailing. Active females attend outdoor adventure centers, landscape gardens and conservation areas, rope ways, hiking routes, bike trails, just to name a few. 

Slavic Ladies are Sophisticated Dancers

They say dancing ladies, sailing ship and galloping horse are the most pleasing things to observe. Polishwife can and love to dance. How could it be otherwise in the country where the national hymn is Dąbrowski’s «Mazurka». Many people dance close together even at night clubs and observers will easily notice certain «pas», rather than the random moves. Also, ladies like Tango, Foxtrot and Polkas. Obviously, girls who got used to dances and outdoor activity have beautiful and sexy athletic body types. 

What Should Attract Polish Ladies to an American Date?

In Poland, society sees all representatives of fair sex as princesses and does not let them forget about it. Family plays the leading role in the culture. Divorce statistics in the country is one of the lowest in Europe. Unlike Western society Slavic people value those ladies who can take care of their home and children rather than career-oriented females. 

That said, Western trend influences marriage in Poland as well, and if in the 90-s girls were first married by the age 20 and gave birth at the age between 20-24, in the beginning of XXI century the percentage of females aged 20, who are married, has dropped. Internet Dating is becoming more popular as well. 

Why Do Polish Girls Want to Marry Foreign Men?

According to the statistics, increasingly more Polish girls are willing to marry a foreigner. 

Being family-oriented women, who want to feel protected after marriage, Polish girls find American, French, Italian and German men particularly attractive. International marriages give these girls an opportunity to live happily with loving and caring husband, and not to worry about any social, economic, political and even cultural issues in native country. That’s why women use dating apps and sites to love their perfect match abroad. 

How Can Slavic Ladies Attract American Guys?

Polish brides

Polish wives know how to make a house feel like home, securing coziness, harmony and tranquility. Besides, Slavic wife appreciates her husband and his work, ensure that he knows how much she needs him, pampers him. In turn, American men will willingly take care of his family guaranteeing wife’s safety and comfort.  

It should be noted that Slavic ladies don’t need their dates to give them money. That said, they like when guys make them feel important give flowers and buy meaningful presents. They don’t need to be expensive; a perfect present will merely demonstrate real attitude towards young woman. Even if two people meet online it’s a great idea to pay young miss a compliment to earn her respect. 

American vs Polish Females: 5 Major Differences

  • Appearance: Polish girl will never leave her home without thoroughly applied make-up. Even if she is going for a jog, she will spend time to make her look finished 
  • Feminism: American and European wife is more feminize than a matron in any other country, including Poland 
  • Career and education: Western girls seem to be born to accomplish new and new heights. An image of the genuine Western lady is as businesswoman, climbing the career ladder. It’s uncommon for a successful businesswoman to neglect education and lean toward family over career. Business acumen, pursuit of success, persistence and hard work – these are the traits that prevail among Americans. Eastern European people also value hard work, education and career. However, the desire to have family prevails. 
  • Family and marriage: Family-oriented Slavic girls truly believe that the purpose of females is to find love, get married and have children. Western females take marriage differently, and 40-45-year-old brides are not uncommon. Since American girlfriends don’t hurry to marry, they don’t drop out of university and don’t forget about their career, which makes it harder for American boy to persuade girlfriend to start a family.   
  • Morals: Girls in the USA are far more emancipated. In relation to intimacy they are far more straightforward and open in comparison to females from other countries. Ladies in Poland cherish long-term relationships. They take it slow because they want their relationship to last. 


What Is the Difference between Polish and Russian Brides?

All Eastern European people are good-looking and intelligent. Polish girls, however, are not so obsessed with their look, and appear to be effortlessly chick. Also, they are easy-going. Polish and Russian females are not as feminist as Western representatives of fair sex, and girls rarely lean toward career over family 

What Does a Date from This Eastern European Country Look Like? 

Slavic females often win in multicultural setting. Modest hair clip, cheeky look, small talk – all of it takes for a girl to win guy’s heart.  

How can I impress a Date from Poland?

They like serious, courteous and affable gentlemen. Ladies value traditions and manners, so, young miss would not mind if her boyfriend or husband opens her a door, kisses her hand and behaves like a real gentleman. Ladies got used to be treated with respect and at the same time with care, and they expect the same from American dates. 

How Much Does it Cost to Meet Polish Brides Online?

Dating Polish woman could not be easier. Americans can simply create an account on the online dating site introducing American guys to possible dates from Poland. Since interface of the dating app is really user-friendly, registration takes only a couple of minutes. Then, men will be able to look for a bride from the comfort of their homes and free of charge. The dating service is similar to other dating sites and guys find it really easy to surf the Web page searching for their soulmates from Poland.