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Romanians are the representatives of European anthropological type. This means that they have distinguishing Slavic facial features. Long history of Turkey rule, however, had been changing female appearance generation after generation. Initially the typical representatives of this origin were light-eyed and blond. A tough of Turkish blood led to the introduction of fair sex with olive-tinted skin and darker hair. It should be mentioned that local ladies managed to preserve their refined features that, combined with dark eyes and hair, create very distinctive appearance.

Romanian Dating Traditions

Romanian women

Dating Romanian woman means dating her fantastic culture. Romania is a multicultural country and its folklore absorbed the peculiar features of many states. After inheriting Gipsy, Moldavian, Ukrainian and Hungarian traditions, fair sex developed very musical taste; they love to dance and sing in public. The most popular musical tune style is lyrical doina. Girlfriends often sing this romantic traditional song that consists of 2 parts and shifts from slow to fast temper. Parents teach their daughters different epic ballades, ceremonial and shepherd’s songs. They often dance together, especially during various popular festivals.  

Why do Romanian Brides Want to Marry American Guys?

Contemporary world is varied and multicultural. People don’t even remember the time when someone had to spend months to get to the other end of the world and natives mostly spent time where they were born and raised. These days, however, travelling and Internet dating enable potential brides meet guys from any other country and to start romantic relations.  

It’s obvious that the number of transnational unions have increased drastically lately. The better halves from Romania marry foreign men far often than local ones. And these unions have numerous benefits:  

  • To begin with, international dating cultivates patience, understanding, sympathy and other positive traits.  
  • Transnational marriages help Romanian wives learn English in a short period of time. 
  • The mixture of diverse national traits will beneficially influence children. In many cases mixed genes allow kids to be born strong, healthy, smart and beautiful. 
  • Relations with a foreigner allow a young wife to move to another place. Apart from new experience, it gives a chance to improve the quality of life. It’s not a secret that Western nations are known for higher living standards in comparison with Eastern European nations. 
  • A union of 2 cultures is always very thrilling. Romanian mail order brides and their American spouses will find it exciting to get to know new culture, traditions and cuisine with their loved ones, rather than being a tourist in the USA or Romania.  

How to Attract Romanian Girls Attention?

Romanian girls

Beauties from Romania tend to older partners because the chances that they are ready to start a family are higher. Ladies at the age of 35 can choose older guy who also wants to get married and have kids. In America this union can actually be quite fruitful. So, American men with serious intentions can easily earn Eastern European bride’s trust.  

How Should a Foreign Man Behave with His New Romanian Girlfriend?

Ladies in Romania appreciate romance. They like when boyfriends give them flowers and inscribe poems. At the same time, they expect to be respected and treated equally. Girls would be happy to get a small present but can refuse to accept expensive gift because it will make them feel obliged. 

What Present Can a Man Buy for Romanian Mail Order Bride?

Man, who wants to demonstrate that he knows about the origin of his perfect match can choose wooden crafts, carpets, pottery, and hand-made embroidery. That said, there is no need to look for special local presents. It’s not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it. 

How Can Slavic Women Attract Foreigners?

American guys willing to meet single woman prefers females with Eastern European origins because they believe that locals are more attractive, educated, and well-bred in comparison with American fair sex. Also, unlike Western females Slavic ladies don’t go on dates too often. The reason for that is stricter moral values and religious upbringing. 

Major Differences between American and Western Brides

Romanian brides

Every nation has own customs and character traits. Slavic brides are open, sincere and very generous dreamers. In turn, Americans are practical, pragmatic and self-assured.  

The primary question any new acquaintance will ask young miss in Romania will be related to her marital status, the second – to her children. From childhood daughters see family as the basis of their happiness. Frequently several generations of a family live in one apartment: grandmother, mother, daughter with her husband and grandchild. In the West the leading role is played by economic base of the future life, career. So, Americans start thinking about wedding after 30. And grown-up kids do not live with their parents, it’s unusual for America. 

After the first date Slavic woman sees protector in her potential spouse. She hopes that in the hour of need he would be the support of the family. Amazing partner in Slavic bride’s opinion can provide material well-being, and she would happily agree to be a housewife and rely on her husband. That said, Romanian girlfriends never miss an opportunity to get education and pursue successful career, if a boyfriend or a husband supports this decision. 

Western females are far more emancipated. They got used to be on their own, live independently. Spouse is a partner, and rights and obligations of both spouses may be put on paper. In case of faithlessness Romanian girl can make a scene, American lady will make her husband pay her compensation.   

In Romania relatives can visit young spouses any time they want and stay with them for a week or longer. In the USA long visits are not so widely-spread. Relatives stay at the hotel and pay short visits to the family. 

According to dating site reviews, Eastern European brides attract foreigners because they are sincere, kind-hearted, undemanding and prepared to bear inconveniences if they have some goal. Not every lady living in the West will agree to take care of her husband, to be his caregiver. In contrast to American feminists Slavic ladies are ready to let themselves in for a lot of work. 

What are the Benefits of Romanian Ladies?

  • As demonstrated by dating service, the better halves here are naturally gorgeous and like to highlight their beauty. Obviously, they are lucky to have mixed genes, but that’s not the only reason for their attractiveness. Make-up, healthy diet and sport help them look even better. They don’t have to use make-up, but still do it to feel more confident. 
  • Long-term relationships – is the focus of Romanian woman attention. Despite the fact that females in Romania study and work hard, partner is always a priority. It may be explained by strong traditions and religious background. 
  • Slavic females have fantastic body shapes. Many brides dedicate time and efforts to sports and outdoor activity. Considering the fact that fast food is not as admired as in Western countries, they appear to be younger than many Americans of the same age. 
  • These women have own taste. They dress up even if it is the casual movie night. They manage to successfully combine styles to seem pretty and effortlessly chic at the same time. 
  • Many girlfriends in Romania are willing to get married before the age of 30. But despite their marital status, they rarely drop out of university and consider it important to work.  
  • Spouses here are excellent chefs at their kitchens because they learn how to cook national specialties in childhood. In Romania cleaning companies and personal chefs are not trendy and wives take care of their household chores on their own. That makes them great housewives.  
  • Every Romanian wife is smart. She knows how to think, act and live independently, when necessary. She receives education, finds employment and works hard to be self-sufficient. That said, unlike Western girlfriends Eastern European one dreams about wedding and someone she’ll run the river with. 
  • Foreign guy who got lucky enough to fall in love with local lady has to love her relatives as well. Families like to stick together. If daughter’s husband manages to earn their trust Slavic mom and dad will accept him as their son.   
  • Wives in this Eastern European state are unbelievably loyal. When they fall in love, it is a serious issue. They will try to preserve even the most destructive relations in order to avoid divorce. But their patience should not be prayed on. It is much better to find love in Romania and cherish this feeling. 


What Does a Romanian Woman Look Like?

Consistent with the most popular online dating site, every Eastern European wife is very beautiful. Confident bearing and slenderness, as well as attractive facial features are really alluring. Most women are not particularly high, but they know how to present themselves. Olive-tinted skin, dark and wavy hair, impressive eyes – big eyes framed by thick eye-lashes – in combination with perfect facial contours and well-defined eyebrows always make them the center of attention. Sometimes miss can be a blue-eyed blonde, but it’s a rare exception.  

Why Are There so Many Romanian Brides?

Romania is not one of the nations with high living standards. Despite all attempt of its citizens and government, there are still such issues as unemployment and price volatility. After Romania accessed to the European Union even fuel became expensive, notwithstanding the fact that oil extraction industry is well developed. So, many educated brides simply don’t have many opportunities to achieve success in life and young students willing to fulfil themselves marry foreigners and leave their motherland no matter how much they love it. 

How Much Does a Romanian Bride Cost?

Contemporary dating app provides an opportunity to create an account and look for a bride free of charge. The registration will take only a couple of minutes and after that you’ll be free to talk to any damsel you find the most appealing to meet online.  

Are Romanian Women Different from Russian Women?

Some tourists from Russia believe that local spouses bear resemblance to Russian ones. They are friendly and never refuse to help. Appearances can be deceiving, but not in this case. After American guys spend some time with their Slavic girlfriends they understand that they made the right choice.