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There are many reasons why Europeans and Americans love Asian girls. First, their particular mentality. Secondly, their unique appearance and ability to stay young for a long time. So it’s no surprise why US men visit sites like AsiaMe and hope to find love there.. Here’s an honest AsiaMe review that will probably help you learn more about the site and its advantages and disadvantages.

Who can use AsiaMe 

AsiaMe girlsThis site connects girls from Asia (mostly Chinese) and men from Europe and North America (mostly men from the USA, Canada, Germany and France).

As you can see, this is not just a site for Asians to meet Asians. You can use this and hundreds of girls will be happy to meet you.

Sometimes the site positions itself as a platform for mail ordering premium Asian girls (models, etc.). But you can also easily find an ordinary girl here.

Pros and Cons of AsiaMe 

Of course, the site has advantages and disadvantages, but in general it can be objectively considered one of the best of its kind. In order not to be unfounded, we will analyze the specific advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Very large functionality, which includes communication via text, gifs, calls and video calls;
  • The ability to deliver real gifts, such as flowers .. The courier will deliver them to the address;
  • There is a mobile version of the site and an application for Android and iOS;
  • A large number of active users (about 450,000 per week). So it’s easy to find mail order brides, a hot girl or anybody you want;
  • Built-in antivirus from McAfee and Godaddy;
  • The site has been functioning for a very long time, since 1998. The fact that the platform has been operating for over 20 years confirms its reliability and safety;
  • User verification system (scam protection). 


  • The gender ratio is not in favor of men (about 85/15). On the other hand, the situation is similar on other online dating sites;
  • Outdated design.

Registration process 

AsiaMe BrideTo create an account, you must go to the main page of and fill out the registration form. Write your name, gender and date of birth. You also need to enter your email and come up with a password. Unfortunately, in the desktop version, there is no way to register via Facebook or other social networks, so the only option is to confirm your email via the link in the letter. If you are using the mobile version of the site, you can register with your Google account.

After that, put your best photo on your avatar and upload at least five more photos to your profile. It’s not obligatory. Just a tip.

The final step is filling out detailed personal information. This is not necessary either, but it will allow the girls to get to know you better. All done? Now you can start looking for a pair (so-called matchmaking).

Pricing and Membership Options 

The pricing policy of this site is slightly different from the competition. Typically a site follows one of two scenarios. First: free registration with the ability to purchase a premium account for a specific period. Second: free basic functionality with the ability to use advanced functions for credits. AsiaMe combines these scripts. Here you can buy a premium account, and there will still be features that will have to pay extra.

Basic free access only allows you to create an account and start browsing female profiles. If you want to write one of them, you have to pay.

The currency on the site is called credits. The more you buy them at a time, the cheaper they are. You can buy 2 credits for $ 16 ($ 8 per each) or 100 credits for $ 399 ($ 3.99 per each). The site also makes a special offer to new users, so you can buy 2 credits for $ 3.99 the first time.

How can the local currency be spent?

AsiaMe LadyEMF Mail. You send the letter directly to email. Cost: 1 credit.

Chatting. To just chat with a sexy lady you like, you also need to pay. Cost: 0.5 credit per 5 minutes. It is better to find a common language with your perfect match within five or ten minutes in order to switch to the free messenger.

Video Call. Yes, you can start video chat with your soulmate too. Cost: 0.6 credit per minute.

Calls. The site allows you to call the phone number (if you have one). Cost: 1 credit per minute.

This is not a complete list of paid services. Among others, paid gifts such as bouquets of flowers delivered to your home can be highlighted. Prices change over time, so you can check them on the website.

Paying constantly for communication is extremely inconvenient, so try to spend your communication time wisely in order to exchange social networks or phone numbers as quickly as possible.

Payment methods

Asia Me BrideThe platform supports only one payment methodcredit cards. It doesn’t matter which country you live in and which bank you use. You will be able to make a payment if you have a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card. What about e-wallets like PayPal? They don’t work here.

If you buy credits, they are automatically credited to your balance in a few minutes. There is no problem with that. If you bought a subscription and failed to cancel it in time, then in a month you will automatically pay the same amount. So, be careful and don’t forget to turn off your subscription.

The company offers a flexible refund policy. There is a list of 16 cases where written off credits can be returned. Among them are cases when your interlocutor violated the chat rules, turned out to be a fraud, and so on.

Available Communication Options

As mentioned earlier, among the main functions are chatting, sending emails, video chat and voice calls. So communication opportunities go beyond the site. There are many features there that are quite convenient, but at the same time dating experience is quite expensive.

AsiaMe App

Asia Me WifeThe good news is that the app is available for Android and iOS at the same time. Many international dating sites don’t even have such a simple thing as a mobile app. The bad news is that this is not an AsiaMe dating app, but a common app from the head company. This means that it is designed not only to meet Asian single women, but to meet someone from all over the world.

Application name is Qpid Network on Google Play and QDating on App Store. The rating in Google Play is 3.5 stars, in the AppStore — 3.7 stars (but much less downloads). Most often, users complain about expensive messaging, scammers and bots.

A mobile program is very different from a website. More like Tinder and Whatsapp in the one application. There is a different design, different possibilities and different prices. Credits there cost from $9 to $10 and premium plan costs $14.99. Therefore, we could do a separate review on QDating, but this article is not about that.

Customer Support

The company claims that technical support is one of their strengths. If you go to the Contact Us section, the first thing you see is the FAQs. The list contains answers to basic questions and offers to send a message to support in case the FAQs were not enough. 

You will receive a response within a few days to the email specified in the application.AsiaMe Wife

Moreover, there are Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Client Protection Policy sections. Read them if you are not ready to wait for a response from the person.

Safety and Legitimacy

When talking about security, people usually mean the number of scammers on a site and the security of the site itself. There are a certain number of scammers on the site. Unfortunately, even verification cannot help get rid of them completely, because they are constantly registering dozens and hundreds of new accounts on various dating sites. On the other hand, the site itself is quite secure, so we can say that AsiaMe did everything in their power.

The service uses an SSL certificate to protect data and a McAfee program to block malware. This helps protect the site from external threats, but still does not protect against the danger that comes from the users themselves. Follow simple rules to protect yourself. Do not follow external links from messages and do not share what can blackmail you.


AsiaMe has its own FAQs, but that is not enough. People often ask some more qustions, so let’s find the answers. 

Is AsiaMe Legit? 

Yes, this site is completely legal. It is not illegal to simply meet and communicate with people from different countries. Even if you want to find a mail order wife and invite a bride to your country and marry one of the Asian wives, this is a normal desire. 

How can I know that profile is real? 

If the profile is verified, then the person’s appearance matches his photographs. Next, trust your intuition. Avoid girls who spend too much time online: this could be a scammer who is constantly looking for a victim. 

How do AsiaMe credits work? 

Credits are the internal currency of the dating site. They can be purchased with real money and spent on paid features on the site, such as chat or calls. 

How much is premium on AsiaMe? 

Advanced features are bought here for credits. If you chat for half an hour a day, five times a week, it will cost you about $ 250-275 per month. 

Can I use AsiaMe anonymously? 

Yes, you can. But in this case, you will not receive verification and will not be popular with Asian girls. 

How long does the approval of the profile take? 

You will receive verification in days provided. An exception is the moderator’s day off. 

What makes AsiaMe different from other web dating services? 

This site is quite popular and quite expensive. It is suitable for wealthy men who want to meet beautiful ladies. 

How can I make my AsiaMe profile safe? 

Information on the site is reliably protected from hackers. If you do not want someone you know to stumble upon your profile, post unique photos (do not post those that you have already posted on Facebook or Instagram).

2 thoughts on “AsiaMe Review

  1. AsiaMe is much better than other dating websites. For me girls there are the most beautiful. I even found there real models who wanted to date with American Men.

  2. AsiaMe seems to be the best dating service for me. In this service you can find only the best Asian girls. I have never met such hot girls in my life. At first, I thought that I would not find anybody whom I will like, but finally I have met a girl with whom I will meet in New York next week. So now you see that everything in this service is real.

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