Latvian Mail Order Brides


In the world, there are lots of beautiful and smart women. Latin women are famous for their sexy bodies and character; American girls are known and loved for their independence and ability to rule the world on the high-heels; Chinese ladies follow traditions and love to take care of their families; Italian girls are passionate and domestic at the same time. After that what do you know about Latvian women? Do they have any distinctive features? Surely, they do. Let’s catch on them! 

The Appearance of Slavic Women

As representatives of the Slavic ethnic group, Latvian girls are mostly fair-skinned blondes of medium height, with slim figures. Young girls have a delicate physique, though in old age they put on weight and acquire curvaceous forms. Most Latvian ladies have blue, gray-blue eyes, thick light blond hair. They boast a beautiful milky skin tone that, when combined with a healthy blush, gives girls freshness and attractiveness. They look like super gentle. Interesting, that the majority of them have blond hair. So, some girls paint their hair in black to distinguish themselves from the crowd. 

Latvian women don’t like bright and revealing clothes. They prefer a smart casual or romantic style. Sometimes they add some national elements into their everyday look. For example, embroider shirts are often noticed on the local women. Normally you won’t see too short skirts or shorts on them. More than that, they don’t like to show their décolleté much. Given that their particular sexuality comes from the inside charm influenced by their unique character. 

Latvian Women Charisma

Elena BrideThough Latvians don’t own particularly stereotyped character traits, yet Latvian girls differ among others by special features. Let’s examine main ones. 

Gentle character 

European wives are famous for their calmness and attentiveness. They don’t like to argue with their husbands and remain a perfect match for those who are looking for gentle and loving women for a long-term relationship. Of course, there are conflicts inside family, but they have enough wisdom to resolve them peacefully. Divorces in families with women of Latvia are very rare. They are compliant and aware how to listen to a man’s position. However, they never reproach men with money or their position in society. American men will find it easy and comfortable with women from Latvia.  

Extraordinary mind 

The population of Latvia speaks the official Latvian language, which is recognized as the state language. Moreover, more than half of the population speaks English. Also, more than 80% speak Russian. This is due to long-standing relations between the countries. A few centuries ago, every Latvian school was supposed to have lessons in Russian. There were exams, during which students were required to read classical literature in Russian and English. 

Moreover, almost all Latvian girls and boys have a high education. They are smart and have a profession. Girls in Latvia normally don’t give up their careers because of their family. However, if a man provides a family enough with money, they can completely devote themselves to household tasks. 

Family values 

Like many Slavic girls, Latvian wives love children. They almost always want to have large families and gather many relatives around them for the holidays. However, if you move with your family to another country, your Latvian wife’s relatives will rarely bother you. 

European openness 

Latvian ladies are kind and sincere girls, always ready to lend a hand to their men. Although, of course, you should not take advantage of their kindness and impose. Be sophisticated and honest with your lady and then she will open her soul in front of you and will love you till the end. 

Why Do Latvian Brides Seek For Men Abroad?

Meet single woman is easier than you think as the “gentlemen ” are present here only technically. The death degree of men is higher and few even live till middle age (situation with older men is even worse). But Latvian women have certain requirements towards men too, and if you don’t meet them, it’s simple to get discouraged. And in such a state, it is trouble-free to sink to drunkenness and gambling. 

Girls in Latvia are more resilient, but life is not easy without husband. Therefore, they are looking for more adventurous and hardworking men abroad. 

Men in Latvia dwell in local pubs. There is a belief that the drunker you are, the cooler you are. Everyone knows how silly it is, but everything remains the same. American men, for example, drink much less and therefore are more popular with Latvia ladies.  

What Are Latvian Ladies Requirements For Men?

Karina BridePositive attitude towards life 

As was said earlier Latvian men could stay in depression often. That’s why for Latvian ladies it important to live in a home with a positive atmosphere and raise mentally healthy children. They don’t want to reflect their local men’s attitude to life. American men (or men of other European countries) are much more cheerful and stable.  

Ability to make money 

Because of such a negative attitude of men, Latvian girls are persuaded to work hard to maintain their families. It rarely gives happiness to women. That type of career growth isn’t satisfying or encouraging. Opposite, it’s quite exhausting to live in such a tempo for years. Imagine poor women aren’t happy because of the big amount of work and at home there is no relief because of 24/7 dull and bored husband, who isn’t able to stop whine and find normal job. 

Love for children and willingness to start a family 

No matter the difficulties women of Latvia face in marriages with local men they dream about family and children. Though, Latvian mail order brides test their potential partners from dating sites for love to kids and enthusiasm to start a family. 

Healthy lifestyle 

Latvian women prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle. And the higher their income, the greater their desire to become healthier and live longer. So, you will not surprise your girl with the wild lifestyle.  

How To Meet A Latvian Mail Order Bride?

Latvia is an amazing country! A trip to this land can be a real adventure. Wonderful nature, delicious cuisine, and incredibly beautiful women. However, you should know that Latvian ladies are not willing to meet on the street. They are afraid of thugs and may react rudely to shouts on the street or don’t mind at all. 

Thus, the best way out is dating Latvian women online. Now there are a huge number of dating services where you can find yourself a girl for a long-term relationship and marriage without any problems.  Online dating sites gives you an opportunity not only to meet online the love of your life, but also to find out whether European wife will suit you at all. Sometimes such “beta-testing” may show your readiness for serious relationship. Don’t neglect dating site reviews as Internet dating is a tricky thing. Often you could face scam. Plus, remember, that international dating involves lots of rules and conditions you’d better learn distantly. After all, you shouldn’t set a goal to find love in the easiest possible way. It’s always requires some efforts!  


Why are there so many Latvian brides?

Over the past few years, Latvian women have been completely dissatisfied with the attitude of local men towards them. They drink a lot and don’t earn enough money. Women have to support families with two or more children by themselves, which leads to their moral exhaustion and a large number of divorces. But women still want happiness and a loving man by their side. That’s why they have to look for love in dating apps. 

How much does a Latvian bride cost?

Lithuanian brides have never paid attention to a man’s income (of course it should be, but a man does not have to be a millionaire). Marriage in Latvia wouldn’t cost much too. For her, first of all, human relationships and the love that a man will give her are important. However, they certainly enjoy signs of attention on the first date in the form of flowers, trips, or jewelry. But most importantly is your attitude. 

Are Latvian women different from Russian women?

All Slavic people (including the Lithuanians) are very similar in appearance. Culture and languages ​​are alike, but certainly, there are tangible differences. Russian girls, for example, are much more accommodating and will more obey the will of their husbands. They are not so interested in their careers and are often better able to combine work in a middle position and a family with several kids. Latvian girls will not tolerate a man’s rude attitude for a long time and more often turn to a psychologist for help. If he does not help to improve family relations, they can easily divorce and live independently. 

What sort of men do Latvian ladies like?

First of all, Latvian women love courageous men with a desire to protect their wives. Appearance for women is not so important (although if you have an athletic physique, this is a definite advantage). Secondly, the most appreciated is the ability to listen to a woman and be glad about her achievements in any area, be it work or raising children. Also, children! This is very important for Latvian girls. You must definitely love children and want to have a strong big family. But while meeting on a dating site, you can immediately identify your goals so that the girl does not believe in illusions about the long-term relationship with you.