Bulgarian Mail Order Brides


Bulgarian Women: Character, Way of Thinking and Morals

Bulgarian women are unbelievably friendly and hospitable. Every foreigner dating Bulgarian women has noticed this feature. Openness, preparedness to help under any circumstances, politeness and kindliness win men’s favor and let them feel comfortable in this country.
Every local lady emanates peace, calmness and love. Even in the metropolis tourists will never witness rude attitude or hectic atmosphere. The spirit of tranquility reigns in Bulgaria everywhere, which allows citizens to effortlessly combine job, leisure and family life. Eugenia BrideBeing extremely hard-working people, ladies will still start their day with a cup of coffee and never miss lunch time, which lasts at least 1 hour. Dinner for Bulgarians is a national tradition. Table has to be heaped with food – from the internationally known Shopska salad to traditional Sarma and different meat dishes.
Nation’s mindset is in many ways reflected in its traditions and culture. Loyalty to the past and conservatism allowed Bulgarians to preserve old customs. For instance, the ancient rite Anastenaria – the traditional barefoot fire-walking ritual – is still one of the brightest features of national and cultural heritage in Bulgaria. The ancestors believed that barefoot fire-walking protected people from evil spirits and predicted their future. These days it is a spectacular and unusual tradition, which is accompanied by music played on national instruments – drum and bagpipe.
Foreign men arriving in the country should keep in mind that the meaning of some gestures differs from other states. They should remember that when Bulgarian bride nods her head it does not mean that she agrees with something – just the other way around. In turn, agreement is expressed when she is shaking her head.
One more fun fact for American men willing to find love in Bulgaria: in this country it is customary to drink red wine in months that have letter «R» in their name, and white wine is consumed during other months, so in summer Bulgarian girlfriend will not serve her boyfriend red wine.
In order to get to know these Slavic women, their culture and to really understand their ancient traditions foreigners can visit this amazing country. That said, online dating site and online dates with Bulgarian brides will be a perfect way to get prepared for the trip.

Typical Traits of Bulgarian Mail Order Brides

Many people, mainly those who have never been in Bulgaria, wonder how local girls look like. Of course, every woman is exceptional; however, there are common features that may be observed in 8 out of 10 females.Marina Bride
Bulgarian mail order brides are not very high. At the same time they are very slim, and have miniature ankles, shoulders and wrists. Generally Bulgarian ladies are slim and tender. Despite their love for fast food and popularity of Banitsa – traditional pastry dish – most women in the country have amazing body shape.
Every lady has fantastic hair – thin, abundant, long, wavy or straight. Even the older ladies have beautiful hairstyles. Usually local women have dark hair, but blonds are not so rare. Red-haired girls are actually rare.
Consistent with dating site reviews, light-eyed people are not so exotic, because there are many girls in Bulgaria with light-grey and green eyes. The beautiful eyes are combined with perfect olive skin. These girls get tan fast, so, in summer they easily achieve natural bronze look.

In comparison to other Slavic girls, Bulgarian girls are more sophisticated and delicate. Most women in the country are miniature and slender in build. Overweight women are very rare. Usually some matrons may have extra weight, but they are usually over 50. Their typical body shape is rather eye-catching. It reminds a guitar – slender waistline, impressive bust and fantastic hips.
It’s interesting that women keep their bodies in great shape without any diets and other restrictions. Despite the fact that local cuisine has many fruit and veggie recipes, it also has pastry dishes that are incredibly delicious and it’s really hard to say no to another piece. Luckily, young girls are into sport, tourism and travel.
Bulgaria is known for great climate and high humidity, which positively affects skin of local maidens. Modern Bulgarians take a great care of their appearance, using effective beauty care products and trendy cosmetology procedures. Yet, they can look pretty without any make-up, because great climate, sun and healthy vitamin rich food are at their disposal.

Why Should Americans Be Attracted by Bulgarian Mail Order Bride?

Similar to other European brides Bulgarians are very active. Equally to men they compete for interesting jobs and climb the career ladder.Kseniia Bride At the same time local women demonstrate huge responsibility when it comes to marriage in Bulgaria and the female roles of mother, wife, daughter, as well as maintaining traditional relations within the family.
Bulgarian damsels love and highly appreciate ancient traditions and rich history of their country. Holidays are celebrated on a grand scale and with attention to all customs. And even in a small town tourists will find monuments, telling fun historical facts related to particular places. Every European wife is proud of her country and city and she will be delighted to tell her boyfriend intriguing stories about its history and landmarks.
One may ask: if local women love their country so much, why would they browse International dating sites, marry a foreigner and leave their motherland?

Why Slavic Women Tend to American Guys?

Consistent with the dating app, Bulgarian girls appear to be relaxed and unhurried, but they can accomplish their goals, when necessary. In other words, local girls find time to work, meet friends, and attend a few educational seminars. At the same time they keep in mind how much they want to get married and have children. Bulgarian women adore children and give birth to 2-3 kids. Since serious young ladies in Bulgaria require higher living standards, they prefer to start long-term relationships with foreign men. Local guys are quite indolent, which is not supported by active and energetic women who want their spouses to be their partners and supporters. That is why they choose American men, who appear to be more energetic and vibrant in comparison with Bulgarian males.

How to Attract Their Attention?

They say, first impressions count, thus, it’s important for a man willing to meet a single woman to be polite, calm, considerate and be himself. There is no need to make a display of own wealth. Also, the word «Russian» in a general sense should be avoided, because despite their love for Russia Bulgarians take pride in their motherland and that should be taken into consideration.

How Should a Man Behave with Bulgarian Girlfriend?

Bulgarian girls can’t stand annoying guys; thus, people often meet online, rather than in the street. Basically, bear in mind the saying «treat others as you would like to be treated» and then everything will be fine. Local people are very sweet and forgiving. Unless the boyfriend is really impolite Bulgarian girl will willingly continue Internet dating.

Perfect Gifts for Bulgarian Brides

Anastacia Bride

  • The first thing American men should remember is that Bulgarians cherish their national traditions. The symbol of the country is rose. That’s why the favorite flowers of local women are roses. So, the rose bouquet will demonstrate respect to the country and its citizens.
  • Another symbol of Bulgaria is golden sand. There is no need to present real gold. Find nice hourglass with the golden sand inside. It will remind a Bulgarian girl of her beloved motherhood and help her form an overall perspective of the presenter.
  • At the same time, local girls respect other nations and their cultural heritage as much as their own. So, American souvenirs, characterizing the USA, will be equally valuable.
  • Bulgarian cuisine is rich and diverse. And there are so many great wines. Women like to cook and enjoy food. In his turn, in order to impress Bulgarian wife American husband can make his own specialty.
  • In March Bulgarians celebrate the beginning of a new farming year. Girls make Martenitsa – hand-made red and white talisman in the form of a doll. White color is the symbol of force and innocence, and red is the color of blood, health and birth. As previously noted, females cherish their ancient traditions and care about the traditions of other nations. That is why foreigner’s perfect match will be glad to get American traditional talisman.
  • Gift presented on a first date will be highly appreciated if it is a hand-made object. A painting, wooden carving or an origami will become an inexpensive, but sentimental present for Bulgarian girlfriend.


What Sort of Men Do Bulgarian Women Like?

They prefer strong, confident, self-reliant and independent men. Females themselves are quite strong and have high expectations, so it comes naturally that they like Western guys.

Are Bulgarian Women Good in Bed?

Ladies are quite contemporary in terms of their personal life. They are fine about having several partners before marriage. Local brides, however, are quite picky in relationships. But after they find a perfect partner Bulgarian maidens can be very happy with their intimate life and make their boyfriends happy.

Are Bulgarian Girls Pretty?

Bulgarian wives are light-hearted, active and attractive. They proudly represent Slavic nations in the beauty pageants. And the most important thing – these brides always arouse admiration among men – the main experts in female beauty. Bulgrian girls have their own peculiarities in body shape and facial features. But owing to the active population migration the female appearance is becoming more and more varied.

How to Get a Bulgarian Woman to Like You?

The best piece of advice for foreign men is: «Be yourself». Local maidens are independent and demanding. Unfortunately, Slavic guys rarely meet their demands. That is why local females prefer dating with Americans.
Summing up, Western guys can find it easy to meet Bulgarian date because dating service site can offer them fast and effortless registration. Then it would be so easy to find perfect date online because American men and Bulgarian ladies can easily find hundreds of issues to bond over.