Thai Mail Order Brides

Many men from Europe and North America love Asian girls and want to marry them. This is not surprising. The reason is not only exotic. There are several compelling reasons for marrying an Asian girlfriend. Let’s talk about these reasons.

A Few Words About Thailand

Thai GirlThis information is for those men who know little about the country. Thailand is a tourist country in East Asia. It is known for many as a place to relax near the Indian Ocean and as the world capital of transgender people. Both of these facts are true, but they are not the only things Thailand is interesting for.

The country’s population is about 70 million. In comparison, this is more than the population of France, Britain or Canada. They are Buddhist and speak Thai. Interestingly, the country is one of the two operating monarchies in East Asia (the second is Europe).

Thailand today is a rather poor but actively developing country. Many indigenous people living outside the tourist regions are engaged in agriculture. Thailand has every chance of becoming a strong country due to its large population, favorable geographic location and economic development.

Geography lesson is over. You probably didn’t come here for this. You are interested in Thai mentality and Thai girls in particular. Let’s talk about this in more details.

Characteristics Of Thai People

Thailand has been and remains a country of traditional values. The greatest value ofThai is not money, but families and faith. Their salaries are very small, but they always have money to send to relatives and to pray. First, because the vast majority of the population believes in Buddha and prays regularly. Secondly, because Thais are taught from childhood to help their parents.

The women there are very crazy about fashion. Few can afford to dress expensively, but everyone strives for it. For unknown reasons, local girls are attracted to fashionable items.

People in Thailand hardly smoke. The percentage of people who smoke is very small. It is almost impossible to meet a smoking girl. Many American men find this important.Thai Model

Instead, Thais have another bad habit — gambling. People from poor families also gamble, often losing half of their wages per day.

Girls from Thailand are appreciated primarily because they are loving wives and caring mothers. Almost all Asian girls have these traits, and Thai girl are no exception.

All this applies to Thais in general, but it is worth taking the information to heart. Each Thai girl is unique, so you can easily meet a girl who is indifferent to fashion and gambling and does not consider religion an important part of her life.

Thai cuisine is also noteworthy. The staple of Thai cuisine is rice. By the way, the country is the largest rice exporter in the world. Rice can be served with meat or seafood, but it will certainly be served with hot peppers. Asians have loved spicy food since the days when food had to be peppered to kill bacteria due to unsanitary conditions.

How Do Thai Women Look Like?

To be fair, Thai women are not considered attractive by themselves. Many girls have crooked teeth, rough facial features, and a puny physique. Hard work also does not have a positive effect on their appearance. Disadvantages of appearance are masked behind cosmetics by clothes that shape the figure. They do plastic surgery quite often if they can afford it.

This does not apply to all girls. There are also beautiful Thai women with attractive Asian looks. It is they who attract many men. Those of women who were lucky to get good looks retain their youth for a long time and look good even at an older age.

How Do Thai Girls Show Themselves In Marriage?

As stated earlier, Thai ladies will become loving, caring wives. In addition, you can read the note from Ernest Yang. He distinguishes seven types of Thai wives:

  1. Those who feel obligated.
  2. Those who feel like mentors.
  3. Those who feel like the mother of their husband.
  4. Those who consider themselves equal friends.
  5. Those who seek to make their husband their slave.
  6. Those who see the husband as a wallet.
  7. Emotional killers.

This doesn’t sound very optimistic, but this is just an exaggerated note. Get to know your girlfriend before getting married and everything will be fine.

In any case, Asian and Western women are completely different, from looks to outlook on life. Eastern women adhere to a more traditional relationship model, where the man is in charge of the family, and the spouse devotes her time to raising children. If you find this relationship model attractive, a Thai wife is a good choice.

Myths And Stereotypes About Girls From Thailand

Thai BrideHere are some common stereotypes:

Most girls are involved in prostitution. In fact, this has a grain of truth. Quite a large number of women work in the field of intimate services. Especially in big cities. The number of prostitutes in Thailand is higher than in other countries, but still not that large. Many women work in regular jobs.

There are many transvestites among Thai girls. Same. There are more of them than in other countries, but still not very many. Plus, they hunt tourists. You won’t find transvestites on dating sites because they are not interested in it.

Thais are selfish and meet foreigners only for the sake of money. This stereotype comes from guys who have had relationships with prostitutes. The scheme is quite simple: a man falls in love with a girl, becomes her regular customer and offers to quit his job and become his kept woman. It is obvious that the girl agrees for the sake of money, while not feeling love for the man. The rest of the girls will not enter into relationships without love, and money will not be sufficient motivation for them.

How To Marry A Girl From Thailand?

You can choose one of two paths.

The first is to visit Thailand and meet someone. Rest assured you can do it. You don’t even have to put in effort, Thai girls themselves will contact you. However, if you have serious intentions, then this is not the best option. Firstly, there is a great chance to stumble upon a moth. Secondly, ordinary girls are unlikely to take you seriously and think that you are one of the tourists who come to Thailand for sex.

The second option is to meet a secret person on an online dating site. This way you know for sure that the girl is serious and really wants to meet an American in order to get married and move to the United States. Also, you can make it easier if you would order Thai brides via a marriage agency.

  1. Finding a girl on a dating site is easy.
  2. Pick a good dating site and sign up for it.Thailand Bride
  3. Fill out the profile, indicate your city of residence, place of work, and so on. Add at least 3-5 good photos to grab attention.
  4. Start texting girls to find you perfect match. Communicate on the site until a dialogue with the girl you like begins.
  5. After 15-20 minutes of correspondence, you can exchange numbers and continue chatting with soulmate on WhatsApp. You can also download the Line app. It is not the most popular messenger, but it is the dominant one in Thailand.
  6. Invite a girl over to America for a date and spend a few days together. You can invite her after one and a half to two months of communication. It’s not too early and not too late.

You can chat as long as you like and see as many times as you like before you are ready for the wedding. If you want to get married, be prepared for difficulties. International marriage is more difficult than just a union between two citizens of the same country. At the same time, there are no major obstacles to this. You can make visas issue documents within a few months. You can officially get married in any of your countries, but it will be easier to do it in America.

Why Do Thai Women Go As Mail Order Brides?

There are three main reasons. They are both simultaneously truthful and relevant for all girls seeking to marry an American. The first reason is the desire to improve your life. America offers a better standard of living and more opportunities than native Thailand. The second reason is intolerance of male pressure in Thailand. Local husbands treat their wives quite roughly. And the third reason is sympathy for American men and culture. Girls from tourist areas may dislike foreigners, but most women have a liking for American men and American culture.


Now is the time to answer the most popular questions about Thai brides.

What are Thai women like?

Women from Thailand are similar to women from China, but they live in Thai culture and follow a different religion (Buddhism).

What are Thai women like in bed?

These girls prefer to play a passive role and let the man decide what to do with them.

How to meet Thai woman?

You can easily meet a Thai girlfriend on any international dating site.

How do you know if Thai girl likes you?

It’s okay if she doesn’t text you first and doesn’t take the initiative. Pay attention to how she reacts to your initiative. If she reciprocates, she definitely likes you.

What do you buy for a Thai woman?

Thai girls are very fond of nice clothes. Buy your sweetheart some dress, shoes or bag.

We hope this article was helpful. Love has no boundaries, and distance is not a problem for her. Be sure that you will definitely succeed in finding your love, it does not matter in Thailand or anywhere else. Good luck!