Chinese Mail Order Brides

Today many men prefer to search for love on an online dating site. There is a simple explanation for this – you can find a girl from another country based on your preferences and ideas about the ideal life partner.

In order for relations with foreign women to develop well, you should study the information about their culture and peculiarities in communication in advance.

More recently, Chinese women in some families were forbidden to marry men of a different nationality. But now everything has changed. Today many Chinese families do not mind marrying their daughter to a foreigner. So, international dating is not a problem.

After graduation, Chinese girls are becoming more and more career-oriented. In addition, they want men to treat them as equals. They start a serious relationship after receiving education and career growth. All this characterizes precisely Western culture. That is why Americans are so attracted to modern Chinese girls.

This article covers all the questions that may arise during communication with Chinese women.

The Advantages of Chinese Women and Their Distinctive Features

Chinese brides

For connoisseurs of oriental flavor, the appearance of Chinese young ladies will be very attractive: dark hair, pale porcelain skin, an exotic cut of the eyes and a thin gentle voice.

Women from China can be described as very beautiful women of fragile miniature physique, while having an extraordinary mind.

Whether it is a serious business woman, a sexy girl with seductive forms, a modest homemaker or a romantic nature, they are all united by similar features:

  • Sociability, but at the same time modesty;
  • Material and emotional independence;
  • Good education;
  • Diligence and complaisance;
  • Thrift.

Most Asian ladies are excellent at preparing both traditional Chinese dishes and modern options. Everyone knows that China’s food is excellent. For gourmets and lovers of oriental cuisine, such an economic wife will be a real boon.

Friendship and Family Relations of Chinese Women

Chinese girls are focused on a strong family and long-term relationships. For them, the family always comes first. They are ready to support their relatives and friends in difficult times at any time, lending them a helping hand.

Chinese women show a lot of love and care for their partner. They are ready for anything to make their chosen one happy.

In response, oriental beauties expect to be treated as an equal partner. It is important for Chinese women to be proud, respected and appreciated.

At first, it may seem that such girls are very constrained and modest in public. But over time, they begin to manifest themselves more freely. They can calmly demonstrate their feelings in public places, do not hesitate to kiss and hug their partners.

Differences Between Asian Women and European Women

Chinese girls

Chinese girls are very different from European ones. In addition to their exotic appearance, they have that special zest that so attracts most men. Chinese women are sophisticated girls with natural grace and sexuality. This makes them some of the most desirable women in the world.

Unlike Western women, Chinese women do not give up their femininity in pursuit of independence. They also honor family values ​​and show no animosity towards men.

In addition, Chinese women at any age look very young. This fact is associated with their cultural traditions and special care for their appearance.

Another difference is that in family relations they are ready to completely obey, giving all power to their chosen one. If disagreements arise, the Chinese woman will eventually listen to her husband, because she respects him and recognizes him as the head of the family.

That is why Chinese women often get married once and for life. They are focused on long-term relationships and know how to properly develop family relationships and raise children.

Why Do Chinese Women Dream of Marrying an American?

There are several reasons why Chinese girls dream of going abroad and marrying an American.

In Chinese culture many modern women start building their careers right after their studies. By the time they want to start a family, they are considered too old in their homeland.

Western men value education in women and are not as concerned about their age as Eastern men. Americans are encouraging Chinese young ladies to strive for development and career growth by adopting this lifestyle. After all, they know, for all her employment and activity, a Chinese woman will always find time for her family – she is a faithful spouse and a wonderful hostess!

How to Make a Chinese Woman and Her Parents Love You?

Chinese women

When people of the same culture meet, disagreements sometimes arise between them. Moreover, such a development of events is possible between representatives of different countries. In order not to accidentally offend or offend a Chinese girl, an American should know a few simple rules in dealing with her and her relatives.

First, a meeting with the girl’s parents should only happen if your intentions are very serious. It is worth asking about their health. This will show your interest in their family and show respect for older family members.

Second, being in the circle of friends and relatives of a Chinese girl, you should not attract too much attention to yourself, even if you are a born soul of the company. Modesty and politeness are what the Chinese value.

Third, at the first meeting with the girl’s relatives, one should not discuss acute social and political issues. Most likely, they will turn out to be of very different views. On this basis, disagreements and conflicts can arise.

Fourth, even if you do not like something, you should not show anger or aggression. A respectful tone during a conversation is what Chinese women value in their future husbands.

Fifth, do not overuse alcohol and avoid smoking.

Stereotypes About Chinese Mail Order Brides?

There is an opinion that Chinese girl are very mercantile. But this is not the case. If American men are able to provide for himself and a girlfriend, and also has a home, then the Chinese girl will feel happy and secure. Having a cool car and a high income of a Western man is undoubtedly a plus, but not a decisive factor in a relationship.

Another misconception is that Chinese women do not show any enthusiasm during sex. These are most likely exceptions. In China, as in any country, women live with different sexual activity and preferences in intimate relationships.

Culture differs in different places such as Beijing and Hong Kong, and traditional values differ as well. In addition, every person is unique, so don’t take this too seriously.

How to Marry Chinese Singles?

To bring your bride to the United States and marry her without any problems, you need to know certain subtleties.

In order for a Chinese woman to come to the United States, you need to apply for a K-1 visa. After receiving it, the girl is under the responsibility of her future husband.

Such visas are issued in several steps:

  1. Petition L-129F from an American is an official invitation of a Chinese girl to the country.
  2. After satisfying the request, the documents are sent to China to the American consulate.
  3. Next, the groom signs up for a special interview in his country at the consulate and provides a package of documents.
  4. After the Chinese girl receives a visa, the future spouses are given 3 months to complete their marriage.

A marriage license can be obtained from the City Hall or the Court House. To do this, you need to provide documents confirming the identity of the future husband, write an application and pay a state fee.

After the permit is issued, US law is given some time to think about the final decision on whether to marry a Chinese woman and an American. Then you can just go to marriage agency.


How does a Chinese wife gain respect from her husband?

A Chinese wife receives respect from her husband primarily for honoring family values. Also, the Asian girlfriend is excellent in housekeeping and raising children.

What are the requirements for Chinese wife to receive US green card?

To get a Green Card, a Chinese woman needs to marry an American. To do this, she needs to receive an official invitation from her future husband and apply for a K-1 visa.

Why don’t Chinese wives change their last name?

This is due to Chinese traditions. The surname for the Chinese is of great importance. It denotes their family and the area where the girl grew up.

How to divorce your Chinese wife?

Every state in America has its own divorce laws. In one state, this procedure is very easy, in another it is difficult. The divorce process itself is quite costly, you will have to pay at least $1,000.

What are Chinese women like in bed?

A Chinese lady like her partner to take the lead during sex and like to obey.