Japanese Mail Order Brides

In the 1970s, Japan became one of the major destinations in the world for single men. The beauty of the local girls fascinated men of different nationalities, religions, and races. The time has passed, but still, the Japanese ladies are in trend. Thousands of Koreans, Americans, Chinese men, Britons come to this country every year in order to date or even marry hot Japanese girls. If you want to join them, then you definitely need to read this article where you will find detailed characteristics of the Japanese women, tips on how to date them, their major advantages, legal information and other interesting stuff.

Basic characteristics of the Japanese mail order brides

Japanese girls

Let’s start with the general characteristics of women from Japan. To be concise, here are five things everyone should know about Japanese girls.

  • They are well-educated. The educational system in Japan is considered to be one of the best in the world. A great number of Japanese people have at least a bachelor’s degree, many of them studied abroad, in the United States, in particular. Be prepared that your Japanese girl might have a university diploma and substantial knowledge in a certain field;
  • They love fashion. Women from Japan stay up to date with the latest trends in the world of fashion. Generally, they have an attachment to red and pink colors – you can see it everywhere, in clothing, on their phone cases, etc. Make some compliments about her style – she will appreciate it!
  • They have difficulties with speaking English. Firstly, Japanese people have a well-pronounced accent and make simple mistakes while speaking. Nothing surprising – Japanese and English have nothing in common so learning English is quite challenging for a Japanese lady. Also, your bride from Japan might be afraid of speaking with a foreigner in his native language. The language barrier is an important issue for your date so help her feel comfortable and improve her language skills;
  • Attractive appearance. A Japanese lady is characterized by such typically Asian features as straight black hair, clear eyes, soft white skin, dark pupils, etc. Women in Japan look young until their 40s (this incredible youthfulness of Asians is just amazing), have a sweet smile, petite figure, tiny beautiful breasts, long slim legs that look perfect combined with a mini skirt. Unlike the Western women, girls from Japan do not expose their bodies and are more restrained in their behavior. However, it makes them even more pretty;
  • Childish behavior. While dating a woman from Japan in her 20s, you might note that she behaves childishly with you. Actually, it is a common behavior for a single woman in the Japanese culture. Local men prefer to have a shy, innocent girlfriend, someone they can describe with the word “kawai” (lovely, girlish). In Japan, girls are considered to be attractive if they are kind and child-like.

Personality traits of the Japanese wife

Japanese Brides

If you want to win the heart of a girl from Japan, you need to understand her personality and be able to adjust your behavior to it. Let’s review some general personality traits of the Japanese ladies.

  • Politeness. Japanese society, in general, is very polite. As an example: the Japanese language has several degrees of politeness that people use depending on the person they speak with – a friend, a stranger, a person of the same age/an elder person, etc. Thus, your mail order bride will treat you with politeness and respect that might even seem to you excessive;
  • Kindness. An ordinary woman from Japan, except for being polite, is a very kind person. From childhood, she is taught to think about others, help people in need and be a decent person. Kindness and politeness are within Japanese culture. For example, it is quite common to bring food or small gifts when visiting your friends or relatives.
  • Respect. The Japanese people respect each other and respect themselves, it is one of the core values in the country. Respect is closely linked to wisdom and age: elder people are the most respected in Japan because they are considered to be the wisest. Your Japanese bride will not only love you but respect you, your personal space, your time and will expect you to do the same;
  • Formal. The Japanese people, in general, are very formal: they act according to etiquette, traditional values, etc, even if you are a couple. On one side, it is an advantage of the Japanese ladies as they will never make scenes or disrespect you. Also, your home will always be neat and children taken care of. On the other side, you need to do your best in order to make her open up to you. Japanese girlfriends need some time before they start to trust their boyfriends/spouse.

Basic tips on dating Japanese girls

Japanese women

Even if you have a great dating experience back in the United States, dating a Japanese girl might be very challenging because the cultural differences are substantial. However, do not panic – you will find the most useful tips in the list below.

  1. Show her that you are ambitious and forward-looking. Those are the qualities Japanese women probably value the most. If you want to impress her, you need to talk about your job, career prospects, plans, opportunities that open up for you. A Japanese girl wants to marry a guy with whom she can build big projects;
  2. Be self-confident and take initiative. Very often, Japanese women choose to date American men because they are bored with the local guys who are too passive in a relationship, are scared of taking action and make the first step. They sign up at an online dating site wishing to find a true man, courageous, romantic, adventurous, self-confident, strong physically and mentally (the foreigners are generally seen this way) to experience something new;
  3. Pay for meals. If you invite her to a restaurant, make sure she will not pay for anything. In Japan, it is some kind of a dating tradition and you already know that traditions are very important for the Japanese people;
  4. Take a soft and slow approach. Do not expect that dating a Japanese lady will be easy and after a few dates she will fall into your bed. It does not work this way in this part of the planet. You need to be patient, move step by step, build trust and fidelity from scratch and once you are together, it is for long;
  5. Use online international dating agencies. It might be a little bit difficult to meet Japanese girls on the street or in pubs because they are not used to talking to strangers (the exceptions are possible, of course). Thus, it might be a good idea to meet online first and then set up a date. Japanese girls are addicted to social networks and dating sites so you will have a huge audience to choose from;
  6. Try to understand her body language and read between the lines. Due to their excessive politeness, Japanese girls might say “yes” even though they intended to say “no”. While in Japan, you will notice that people never answer negatively – instead, they say something like “It might be difficult”, “It is unlikely”, “There might be some problems”, etc. Also, the silence usually means “yes”, but the girl is too shy or unsure of herself to pronounce it.

Some myths about Japanese girls

There are some stereotypes about Japanese women that foreigners believe to be true. For example, the most common myth is: Japanese ladies are submissive, feminism is dead in this country as men rule the society. This myth is completely wrong: modern Japanese girls are well-educated, have good jobs and are equal in rights with men. Another myth is that the girls from Japan are small. If you review the statistics, you will see that the average height of women in Japan is around 5ft 3 – not a bad result, compared to other states. Finally, there is a myth that Japanese girls need to be virgins until they are married. It is total nonsense – according to the statistics, people in Japan lose their virginity at 19.4 on average.

 How to marry a girl from Japan

First of all, you need to know that every marriage concluded in Japan should be registered at a local government office. The minimum legal age to get married for a male is 18, for a female – 16. However, if your bride is under 20, you need to receive authorization from her parents.

In order to get married, you need to gather the following documents;

  • US passport/ID card/driving license to prove your identity;
  • A special form called Certificate of Marriage Notification – it can be filled on the day of marriage. Please note: there is a section that must be filled in by two witnesses (they can be of any nationality and be at least 20 years old);
  • Certificate of No Impediment certifying that the person is free to marry;
  • Birth certificates.

You do not need to get any special visas. If you have no time to prepare all necessary documents – then, a marriage agency might come in handy.


How to pick up Japanese women?

As any Asian girlfriend, the Japanese girls are addicted to social networks and dating apps. Use it to find the prettiest girls in the country and ask them out.

How to date Japanese women?

Be patient, caring, masculine and self-confident. Take her to interesting places, travel, discover new activities, and she will definitely fall into your hands.

How tall are Japanese women?

Japanese women are not that small: on average, their height is 5ft 3.

What do Japanese girls think of American men?

American men have a great reputation among the Japanese girls. In their eyes, Americans are strong, sexy, masculine, charismatic and good lovers.

What are Japanese brides like in bed?

Even though she might seem very shy at the beginning of the relationship, she is passionate and hot in bed. You will not be disappointed, that is for sure!