Russian Mail Order Brides


International marriages, particularly when Russian women get married to the Westerners have become a trend. This tendency began in the middle of 90-s and by the beginning of new millennium brides were willingly migrating. Males from other countries, in their turn, prefer Slavic ladies because they are highly intellectual and sophisticated, they are young and eye-catching, as well as enduring and hard-working.

Why Do Russian women Seem so Attractive to Americans?

Russian girls

Foreigners notice that contemporary women from this country are goal-oriented and persistent career-climbers. However, even the strongest businesswoman treats her boyfriend with respect. How the fair sex manages to combine these opposites – is a mystery.

The stereotypes and myths about these wives are outdated. They get with the times. And foreign guys notice new attributes of fair sex in Russia, which at times help local males to see girlfriends from another angle.

So, why is Russian lady a perfect choice for a foreigner and what allows fiancées to compare favorably with the Western females?

Major Benefits of Russian Girls

  1. They are tech savvy. In XXI century Slavic girl knows and loves high-tech technologies and gadgets. She requires no help when there are problems with the device. She installs dozens of useful apps, such as dating service app, and knows how to use them. Russians quickly find the required information on the Web and stay connected with friends in social network. In fact, every female in Russia is a self-dependent and progressive person.
  2. Dating Russian woman is timeless patriarchy. Even the most influential and powerful businesswomen in the country rely on strong spouses. Well-educated and intelligent maiden will respect the decent partner and cede in some issues. There are two sides of the same coin, however. On one hand, local lady has the charm of fair sex, which is not conventional for modern Western European and American females because feminism erased the difference among genders abroad. On the other hand, Slavic bride won’t understand a guy who invited her to dinner and wants to split the bills. In Russia the gentleman is supposed to pay for a maiden he invited.
  3. Females are beautiful, but not narcissistic. An image of a hottie wearing sky-high heels to go to a supermarket is not a joke. She knows how to combine styles and clothes that help her attract male attention. Before leaving a house she spends half an hour in front of mirror. It is important to mention, however, that maidens are not narcissistic. They critically appraise the finished look and try to look attractive, but modestly. Western women take their appearance differently. They believe they don’t have so much spare time to apply make-up every day. And they never feel obliged to care about their appearance or public image. Thanks to feminism.
  4. Girlfriends from Russia have no limits. This phrase comes to every foreigner’s mind, when he hears about new dream of his girlfriend: she wants to leave her job and make a career in a completely new field. Rationality in Russia is inferior to emotions. Go to the beach at night? Sure! Get packed in an hour to go on vacation? Easy! Start own business? She can do that! Girl is ready to daring changes and while foreign groom estimates drawbacks and benefits, she is acting. Brave character is not an obstacle to happy marriage. Slavic wives can be reckless, and their practical spouses will avert unpleasant consequences.
  5. Long-term relationships: American men claim that only Slavic ladies can absolutely and unreservedly fall in love with her spouse. She will trust him in best and worst of times. That’s the mysterious Russian soul. It is worth mentioning that «no limits» approach is observed here as well. No limits in love, and if a maiden chooses a husband she may love him without restraint. Foreigners who are sick and tired of rational, practical and opportunistic Western women, are impressed by Slavic loyalty.
  6. Females in the country are born to be mothers. Citizens of other countries pay attention to the fact that Slavic maternal instinct is developed better in comparison with American ladies. In Russia family without kids is considered incomplete, childfree approach is not very popular. Girls are psychologically prepared to give birth after the wedding. In Western Europe and the USA ladies feel fine without children until 30-35. Foreigners may disagree with parenting method, but Slavic mother loves her child very much – no limits.

Why Russian Brides Want to Tie the Knot with a Foreigner?

Russian women

  • Desire to start a family. Many Russian wives raised in the family with both parents, especially if the relations were trust-based, warm and harmonious, dream of having similarly strong and great family in maturity.
  • Fear to be alone is typical for ladies after 30. According to psychologists, these ladies spend 2 decades of their lives to get education and career. After they become independent and self-sufficient, yet still beautiful they start to notice many younger rivals. Simultaneously, the number of serious, decent and single men in the country is drastically decreasing.
  • Mom and dad wish to have grandchildren. The desire of parents and other relatives to marry daughters off in combination with notorious biological clock becomes a trigger for female desire to become a wife.
  • These days, religious morals and upbringing is not considered to be the primary reason for marriage in Russia. However, some lovebirds don’t want to live in sin without church wedding.
  • When all her girlfriends are married, a girl may start thinking about own wedding. Gossips and inappropriate questions cause constant tensions and force ladies to think about tying the knot.
  • Marriage helps citizens from the financial point of view. Brides earning a living and renting an apartment often find it reasonable to live with a soulmate and share the expenses. It doesn’t mean they are thrifty females hunting wealthy men. Ordinary women thinking about their financial perspectives want to have a supporter and partner in their lives. The perfect candidate is seen as a guy from the middle class with a job, reliable income and possibly with no housing problems. Then, renting an apartment together as well as sharing other expenses becomes so much simpler.
  • Brides want to throw a grandiose party. It’s not a secret that many maidens dream about wedding since childhood. Beautiful dress, white limo, professional photos and then honeymoon on a tropical island where the ceremony may be repeated close to palm trees, exotic flowers and white sand – fantastic, isn’t it.
  • Russian ladies want to get married because they want to have children from their significant others. Many ladies think about marriage when they give birth to a child believing that a non-marital child won’t have the same rights from the legal viewpoint.

What Are the Most Interesting Attributes of Russian Ladies?

Russian hot women

These days family in this state consists of husband, wife and their children. Sometimes families live in a parent’s house. Women like children and oftentimes give birth to 3-4 kids. The household chores are attributed to females. They also take care of children. Women like to work and formally have equal rights with men. In reality, however, women work harder and earn less than men in the course of their careers.

On holidays the entire family gathers together. Usually relatives live close to each other to be able to support new parents or elder people when necessary. Again, unlike Americans who leave their family house at 18, these girls live with their parents far longer.

How Can a Foreigner Draw the Attention of Russian Mail Order Bride?

To begin with, she’ll probably throw eye on men’s appearance. Potential partners don’t have to be handsome, but they are obliged to have cared-for look. Women hate dirty shoes and hair. Females might not know how much the boots cost, yet they’ll see if they are highly polished.

Slavic females like to have someone to rely on and to trust to. So, serious and daring male will definitely have a chance to win damsel’s heart. Ladies agree to go out with guys, who are decisive with others, and gentle with their girlfriends. Romantic heart is always a great plus.

Local brides are quite romantic, unlike males. Russian mail order brides dream about candlelit dinner, Champaign and tender words. Sadly, often they have to initiate all the romantic nights. So, it is rather simple to impress a damsel for a foreigner: unexpected flowers, nice gestures, spontaneous weekend and dinner at the restaurant can make her happy.

Unlike many other females local lady does not expect jewelries and trips to deserted isles. She’ll be excited to get bouquet on the first date and modest engagement ring on the anniversary. These maidens are romantic and are fond of surprises.

What Gifts are Recommended for a New Russian  Girlfriend?

Russian brides

In Russia it is customary for boys to pay their addresses to a lady. In some Western countries flowers are not very popular on the first date. In general, in the Western nations expensive gifts are not prioritized and are treated as something excessive. In Slavic states ladies like to get bouquets, sentimental gifts and other advances. Of course, there are no 2 similar human beings in the world and some maidens like flowers and others can’t stand them. Whatever boyfriends choose, however, they should not buy too expensive presents to new acquaintance. Otherwise she might feel obliged.

Boyfriends will easily win maiden’s heart by making the night out memorable. European wife may fall in love if a boyfriend manages to turn usual evening to a fairytale, and let her be a princess. Once again, there is no need to splash money. Wife values her spouse, not his wealth.

How to Behave with Slavic Women?

Internet dating sites are very popular lately. People meet online, find love and finally start a family with a soulmate. However, the misunderstandings due to dissimilarities in culture and language are quite possible. Obviously, since lovebirds learned different cultures, traditions, values and ethical norms, they will always treat others from this perspective. However, it is very important to explain to each other the cultural differences and tell about the traditions of motherland.

It can be harder sometimes to get used to life in the other country. Life style and values are obviously different. Then again, however, the USA offers more opportunities and higher living standards. Also, when a Russian wife lives in the countryside of America, she may get bored. So, it would be beneficial to visit friends, go outside as often as possible. It could be useful to help a wife find Slavic friends, so that she could spend some time with them.


What’s the Safest Way to Find a Russian Bride?

Males willing to find a bride are highly recommended to meet online. For instance, on the international dating web-page. Americans can install the dating app, add photo, some personal info and try to meet dates online.

Naturally, no one can force members to meet at once. Grooms can talk to potential partners as long as they want to and when lovebirds feel they are ready to meet, it can be easily arranged as well.

How to Avoid Identity Scam?

Americans who decided to use the services of online dating site should be careful choosing one. Unfortunately, identity scam is widely spread these days. So, the service should be picked after reading dating site reviews, customer feedback, and talking to friends. The trustworthy agency is proud with its successful stories and happy couples who met each other thanks to the site.

If a particular network has been working for a long period of time, it has a great reputation, and members may see many potential partners. Therefore, male can meet single woman and be certain that she is signed in because she wants to find love as well.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Russian Bride?

In order to get married to Slavic maiden guys have to be prepared for some expenses. First of all, nearly all websites ask for a small fee for registration of new members. Once a Westerner finds a beauty who may become his perfect match he might want to impress her with some virtual and actual presents. Trip to Russia, in-person meeting and then wedding with a girlfriend also requires some money. That said, in every country going out with a lady is associated with expenses. However, happy life with gorgeous wife is worth it.

Why Do Russian Girls Want to Become Brides?

Females really love the idea of marriage and they choose Americans to tie the knot. The basic advantage of foreign males is the fact that they care about their families better. Of course, all humans are different but many husbands in the USA bear the full responsibility for their family. In addition, Western spouses agree to help their significant others with household chores and don’t expect them to clean, wash and cook all day long. Loyal guys who treat marriage seriously are very popular among Slavic maidens.